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adjective | mæɡ.nəsa

Latin word meaning “great”

Data science is our passion.

Grow with the unique Magnus Algorithm. Our proven, ready-to-use algorithm helps you to grow in your investment and turn passive savings into profitable assets.

Proven? Yes.

The Magnus Algorithm was proven by market leaders, finance experts, global journals and dedicated academicians.

Beyond robo-advisor, we are your portfolio optimizer.

Our next-generation quant tools provide state-of-art portfolio construction, rebalancing, and reporting. Create efficient diversification that can be tailored to a specific investment strategy.

AI-driven all-in-one automated investment management

Whether you’re an individual investor, portfolio advisor, or the world’s largest bank; you can grow with Magnus. Start creating custom portfolios for yourself, your special client, or thousands of clients.

Minimum investment rate: Zero USD/TRY/EUR/…!

Maximum number of portfolios: ∞

Outstanding algorithm(s) to optimize your portfolio

Set your optimization goals and constraints

Keep the portfolios on track with Magnus.

Magnus comes up with suggestions prepared according to your expectations, financial goals and needs, at your selected frequency and specifications.

No more what-ifs

Just like custom portfolios, you can create custom simulations. See what would happen if you invested earlier,

invest smarter!

Magnus is a
global-thinking startup

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